I started a new job as a photographer about three weeks ago. When I first started, I would go out to my car and cry because things were triggered in me and I was not going to say any thing to my manager. So I just kept on going and tried to act like everything was great.

Well on Friday, my manager comes at me, like the Chief’s did on the Reagan and I just started sobbing. I could not listen to what she was trying to talk to me about. She told me that a customer had complained about me and told her that I had prevented this mother from fixing her daughter’s hair. The mother never asked me if she could fix her daughters hair and I would never stand in the way of a mother helping her child. That is not my place and who in the hell does this manager think I am to do something like this.

There was another photographer in the room with me and told her that I had in no way prevented a mother from fixing her daughters hair. Any way, my manager continued to ignore me and told me that I would not be taking any appointments and that I was off until Tuesday. Well in this time, I have decided that I do not want to work at this place if we have a manager that believes customers over her employees and does not care.