Why is it so hard?

Lady’s Gaga performance at the Oscars was amazing and empowering. However, Joe Biden’s speech seemed to be nothing more then broken promises. A couple of days later, I called Senators and Representatives to ask if University Rape Legislation was on the calendar. The staff members that I talked said that there is no plain to address university  rape, Military Justice improvement Act or the Stop Act.

So once again the politicians are just playing around and are not doing a damn thing.  Every two minutes a woman or man is raped in this country. You have 26,000 women and men that have been raped in the military and the politicians continue to ignore.  Why is it so damn hard for them to do something? What are they getting out of doing nothing about rape? Why is it so damn hard for them to listen to survivors that know first hand what happens when you report that you have been raped?

I have been raped six times. I know first hand what happens when I reported being raped. I had a police officer look at me and told me that I deserved to be raped twice by the two black men when I was attending the University of Cincinnati. Then when I was in the Navy, I had people telling me that I deserved to be raped twice by the third class petty officer. Then when he straight up admitted to raping me in 2012. I had a female NCIS agent tell me on the phone that they did not care what he admitted to, that I was lying, and that I deserved to raped twice by him.

I am so fed up and sick of people protecting rapists. Rape is not sex. Rape is a crime that is about power and control. They destroyed me and each day I am trying to put my life back together.  Like Lady Gaga says in her song, “Til you are raped it won’t be real. Til you are walking in my shoes, I do not want to hear a damn thing from you. You do not know how I feel.”  That sums up what I want to say to everyone that protects damn rapists.    It’s time to do the right thing and listen to me and other survivors that know.  Why is that so damn hard for people to understand?







Author: shellback0608

Julie "Jewels" is an Author, Poet, Nia Blue Belt, Green Belt, White Belt dance instructor, Reiki Jin Kei Do Energy Healer, and advocate. When she is not writing, you can find her learning new Nia routines, listening to healing music, taking photographs, playing with her dog and spending time with her friends and family.

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