Author Honey Badger Talks about Her Book

Author: shellback0608

Julie "Jewels" is an Author, Poet, Nia Blue Belt, Green Belt, White Belt dance instructor, Reiki Jin Kei Do Energy Healer, and advocate. When she is not writing, you can find her learning new Nia routines, listening to healing music, taking photographs, playing with her dog and spending time with her friends and family.

One thought on “Author Honey Badger Talks about Her Book”

  1. The Military and their handling of these crimes has NOT changed. The top leadership continues to abuse its’ power to deny justice to victim’s of terrible crimes, I believe for the purpose of covering up what is happening. I believe they do that in order to protect their ability to maintain control of the prosecution of these and other crimes. What they care about is maintaining POWER! I believe that for the most part, those serving in our Military are the best among us. When their leadership betrays ALL of them by this dishonorable type of manipulation of justice in order to retain ultimate control and power within their leadership, a terrible injustice is done to all those honorably serving. A message is sent to each of them that despite their own honorable devotion to sacred duty, the ideals and values held and taught as the strong posts of our military institutions, and the leadership of those who do sincerely offer their voluntary service, skills, and lives, their self sacrifice can be dirtied by those holding the reins of power. Those who are the finest sons and daughters of our country, can come to a realization that those who reach the highest positions within our military have of late only been self serving, power drunk, frauds…. So who’s responsibility does it become to expose, prosecute, and rid the military of such leadership? I have been asking myself that lately…

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