Handling of Military Sexual Assault/Rape Has not Changed

The Military and their handling of these crimes has NOT changed. The top leadership continues to abuse its’ power to deny justice to victim’s of terrible crimes, I believe for the purpose of covering up what is happening. I believe they do that in order to protect their ability to maintain control of the prosecution of these and other crimes. What they care about is maintaining POWER! I believe that for the most part, those serving in our Military are the best among us. When their leadership betrays ALL of them by this dishonorable type of manipulation of justice in order to retain ultimate control and power within their leadership, a terrible injustice is done to all those honorably serving. A message is sent to each of them that despite their own honorable devotion to sacred duty, the ideals and values held and taught as the strong posts of our military institutions, and the leadership of those who do sincerely offer their voluntary service, skills, and lives, their self sacrifice can be dirtied by those holding the reins of power. Those who are the finest sons and daughters of our country, can come to a realization that those who reach the highest positions within our military have of late only been self serving, power drunk, frauds…. So who’s responsibility does it become to expose, prosecute, and rid the military of such leadership? I have been asking myself that lately… My husband, my daughter, two of my sons-in laws, have served since 911, one of those sons-in-law seriously wounded in Iraq, and one serving at this very hour in Korea… My husband is an honor graduate of West Point and the Army War College, and I know how he would have handled the crime committed against my young friend on his watch under his command… Though he retired some years back after serving two tours in the Middle East in Afghanistan and Iraq, and though he were unable to stand with any more power than she was… had it happened on his watch, he would still be fighting for justice for her, because not only is her honor and well being at stake… the honor and well being of all those willing to honorably stand in the gap for all of us is at stake… Character in leadership matters America… somehow leadership has to be sent the message that “we the people” demand that! That is, the message has to be sent that we will no longer allow our son’s and daughters, … our wives and our husbands, … any of our loved ones to serve, until the unworthy of leadership are sent to the house, and those worthy of giving the orders to send our most precious resource into harm’s way, are found and promoted to leadership. Personally for me, no other group of people of our country have my respect, my love, my devotion, and my gratitude than those serving in the United States Military… The first line of defense in providing military leadership worthy of leading them is YOU! Educate yourself concerning which politicians REALLY vote for and support our military! Pick up a phone, send an email, FLOOD WASHINGTON’S POLITICIANS WITH YOUR OWN PLEDGE TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THOSE WHO PROTECT AND DEFEND US WITH THEIR VERY LIVES!!! IGNORE THE LYING POLITICIAN MILITARY LEADERSHIP WHICH IS DRUNK WITH POWER AND HAS SO MUCH TO COVER UP THEMSELVES. SELF REGULATION, WHICH GIVES THEM NOTHING TO FEAR WHEN THEY FAIL THOSE GENUINELY SERVING WILL BE OUR COUNTRY’S DOWNFALL! If we want this changed, then those who ignore the recent laws and regulations placed upon them by Congress, must face the music of those laws and regulations… My beautiful, brilliant, and character filled grand-daughter is in high school, working everyday to make it to West Point… She has what it takes… Both her mother and father honorably have served, she grew up a “Military Kid,” and has already given so much as a child to our country, as she watched her father go and come from war during her entire childhood… She wants to serve too, because of watching the honor and character of those serving all around her in military stations on two continents… They all deserve honorable leadership, leadership which upholds the highest standards of law and justice as they control the bit in the mouth of the most powerful entity the world has ever known… The United States Military… Only the devotion of ordinary American citizens can truly bring the influence and power to bear needed to make REAL changes… Our present military leadership is so accustomed to doing as they please, no matter who has them on the hot seat. Remember all those generals sitting in their dress uniforms in front of the congressional hearings of the summer of 2013, demanding to keep the prosecution of sexual assault cases in their hands? That needs to change, they need to get the message…. You guys lead because we allow you the trust to lead… when you fail… we can take you out…. we will take you out, not Congress, not the President, WE THE PEOPLE… will take you out. I ended that sentence with a period, not an explanation point for a reason, that sentence needs to be cold, hard, fact, not the emotional wailing of the grand-daughter of a WWI Soldier, the daughter of a WWII Soldier, the wife, the mother, the mother-in-law, and last the grandmother of a Soldier…. just the no exceptions, nothing allowed to be swept under any rug, everything transparent, and out in the open, before the eye of the public… fact…. When leadership really knows that is the case, this problem will go away. When the leadership of the military stops wielding the power of what comes to light, doing its’ own dirty laundry, and threatening those who would expose truth, and being able to carry out their their threats… the process of only the cream of the crop rising to the highest positions of leadership in our military will truly function. When that happens… your ordinary perpetrator of such evil acts as this young woman speaks of, will shake in their boots at the thought of the consequences of such actions… They will fully expect to be held accountable… fully accountable… and there will be a great change… Politicians… you all claim to want to make America great, America strong, America the shining light to the world of justice, freedom, and honor…. CLEAN OUR HOUSE…. RID THE AMERICAN MILITARY OF THE STENCH OF ITS PRESENT LEADERSHIP! TAKE AWAY THEIR SELF GOVERNING! MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE TO THE MOTHERS AND FATHERS, THE WIVES AND HUSBANDS, THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS… THE FAMILIES WHOSE LOVED ONES STAND IN THE GAP FOR US ALL! THAT IS THE ONLY ANSWER TO THE INCESTUOUS PROCESS WHICH HAS BRED THE PRESENT LEADERSHIP. Harnessing the Freedom of Information Act is the first step… just because we all went to Capitol Hill in April of 2013, and Congress held hearings, doesn’t mean a thing has changed… and I can prove that… And yes… I know that the leadership of the United States Army has sent me a clear message…. “don’t you dare… we have the power to take you out too…” I am at least as brave as this young woman… I truly love my country… I truly respect those who honorably serve, and am deeply devoted to each one of them… if no one else ever stands with me… I will stand in defense of them all, so take your best shot…

Author: shellback0608

Julie "Jewels" is an Author, Poet, Nia Blue Belt, Green Belt, White Belt dance instructor, Reiki Jin Kei Do Energy Healer, and advocate. When she is not writing, you can find her learning new Nia routines, listening to healing music, taking photographs, playing with her dog and spending time with her friends and family.

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