Why couldn’t they stop?

Knocked on his door because was told

My roommates went down to his room

He answered the door.

I asked if my roommates where in his room

He told me no, I turned to walk away but

He invited me in.

I walked in his room.

His friend was sitting on the sofa.

I was drunk and there was no way that I could consent.

He started touching me

I said no,

They would not listen and

They took my clothes off.

Next thing I knew was that they were taking turns raping me.

I was crying

I said no.

But they did not care.

They were laughing,

I left my body.

I did not want to have sex with them

I was crying,

They told me to get dressed.

I could not find my bra.

They kept my bra

All I wanted was to get out of there

I was crying

I did not know what to do.

I went up to my room,

I then tried to find my residence advisor

The police were called

Then told by female police officer that

it was my fault because I was

Drinking underage and I deserved to

Be raped by two men.

Being drunk does not mean a free

Pass for two black men to rape

Rape is a crime.

Time for police officers to start to

Protect the victims of rape and not protect

Damn rapists that committed a crime.

Law says that, “No one can consent to

Sex while being drunk.

So to Campus Police enforce the damn law.

And arrest Rapists that committed a crime.

Author: shellback0608

Julie "Jewels" is an Author, Poet, Nia Blue Belt, Green Belt, White Belt dance instructor, Reiki Jin Kei Do Energy Healer, and advocate. When she is not writing, you can find her learning new Nia routines, listening to healing music, taking photographs, playing with her dog and spending time with her friends and family.

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