Asking for feedback

This is a link to my work. It’s free and I am asking for honest feedback. Please review and tell me what you think.



Author: shellback0608

Julie "Jewels" is an Author, Poet, Nia Blue Belt, Green Belt, White Belt dance instructor, Reiki Jin Kei Do Energy Healer, and advocate. When she is not writing, you can find her learning new Nia routines, listening to healing music, taking photographs, playing with her dog and spending time with her friends and family.

5 thoughts on “Asking for feedback”

  1. Thanks–that link worked. Beautiful book–I especially like the front pic and the ‘survive’ blocks. My favorites were ‘Mighty Blue Heron’ and ‘Let Go’. Advice: proofread–on the very first page you say ‘scared’ and I wasn’t sure if you meant that or ‘sacred’–and in other places articles (a ‘the’ or ‘an’ for example) seemed to be missing and interrupted the flow. And yes, your friend is right, you are brave to share your experience with the world. I was in the military and saw this kind of treatment of women, and know what you say is true. Good luck with your book(s)!

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