The Boulders of My Life That Shaped My Journey


This book is my personal story of being raped, dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and my journey in healing. It includes my personal journal through the years and how I have been recovering. I wrote this book because I wanted to tell my story and to help others to now that he or she is not alone.

“Well written! Powerful!!

“This problem has finally hit the headlines. It is brave women like Honey Badger who help us understand the lifetime of pain that is left when these crimes are committed. We need to hear these hard stories. The conversation must continue. From sex abuse in the churches, to the college campus, to the military sexual abuse and rape must be understood. Not just from a legal angle but what happens to these women and men who work a lifetime to learn to love themselves again, to trust again, to stand in the light and feel no shame.”

“No words can express or give proper condolences of a failed system. Six times…I look at you as a strong woman and survivor. God bless and keep the faith. “

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